With a charming small-town atmosphere and a breezy location that's just a block or two away from the riverfront, Downtown Hertford is a charming part of this community that every new visitor should see. A combination of classic brick buildings, small lines of local shops, and historical homes located just outside the main hubs of business, this section of town takes just an hour or two to walk through, but definitively presents some of Hertford's most memorable local scenes.

Downtown Hertford, NC

The downtown region is located adjacent to the Perquimans River, and is just a block or two away, (at most), from the wide riverfront. The "main drag" of this area, where the majority of shopping, dining, and general commerce is found, is located along Front Street, although the amenities and historical attractions branch out in virtually every direction from this city's main drag.

Hertford, NC visitor center

This small collection of a few downtown blocks is one of several National Register Historic Districts in the county, and an integral part of the community's famed "Historic Hertford." In fact, plans are in place by the Town of Hertford to make extensive renovations to several distressed properties along Church, Market and Grubb Streets, as well as along the Waterfront which is only steps from the Downtown region, which will expand this charming region exponentially.

Perquiman's County Courthouse in Hertford, NC

In this downtown region, explorers will find classic pharmacies with wooden signs, small antique shops loaded with local, historic treasures, and a sprinkling of cafes and coffee shops for a leisurely lunch while on the town. Walk a block east, and visitors will find themselves on the very edge of the Perquimans River, overlooking miles of open water and the main bridge that connects Crow Point Island with Ferry Point. It's a gorgeous view to be sure, and shutter bugs will want to pack a camera long to capture the maritime scene, as well as the local wildlife that can be spotted along the riverfront.

Downtown Hertford, NC

The downtown area is also the main venue for a wide variety of the town's annual events, including the Indian Summer Festival, a 30+ year event which features local vendors, great food, and a children's area, and the Grand Illumination, which is held on the Courthouse green and features entertainment, fellowship, and late-night hours at the local merchants to kick off holiday sales. These events are wide open to the public, and brightens up the already quaint and charming downtown with a number of street-side stands and special activities in virtually every corner of the town.

Parking in Downtown Hertford is typically free and readily available along the street, (except for during regionally acclaimed festivals), and the majority of downtown shops and businesses hold regular 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. hours of operation. Visitors should also be on the lookout for the number of historical homes and buildings in the area, (often converted to offices or government buildings), that will be distinguished by an accompanying historical plaque or marker.

Really, the best way to learn more about Downtown Hertford is to simply park and take a stroll, and visitors will be happy to know that the town is well on its way to expanding and renovating this distinguished little portion of the Hertford community. An easy walk for most any visitor, Downtown Hertford is a great little representation of the laid-back southern charm and authentic hospitality that this rural region is all about.